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Riverview School District, like so many other school districts, has had to deal with harsh budget realities – under- funding from state and federal government, fewer students, charter and cyber schools, trying to keep tax increases to a minimum. These unfortunate realities have resulted in needing to make some fairly drastic budget reductions, including in priority areas like Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STREAM).

How can Riverview Educational Foundation help?

As much as we would like to, we cannot contribute to salaries. Our purview is not to make up for operational shortfalls. Educational foundations exist to supplement a district’s regular budget; to provide funds for projects, programs, facilities, etc. that are innovative and will enhance regular learning. They provide experiences above and beyond daily learning.

However, when faculty and programs are cut, we can find creative ways to give students similar experiences. For example, if individual music lessons are cut, a teacher might write a proposal for a creative music program that includes private voice and instrumental lessons in an after school program that includes bringing in guest musicians and teachers and that includes a contractor to teach and coordinate.

Directed Grant Program

The Foundation can request directed grants. A Directed Grant Program is a proactive approach to our grantmaking strategy, and supports projects that are highly aligned with our most pressing priorities and strategic goals. Basically, this means that we can decide there is something specific that needs funding and invite grant applicants through direct or targeted request for proposals from a small group of faculty members. These projects tend to have the ability to leverage other funding sources in order to have the highest level of impact. So if you have a great idea for a project or area that needs funding, please let us know!

Why should I contribute to a District that is cutting priority areas?

Riverview is still an incredible school district that is committed to STREAM. The District understands that these areas are vital for students to be successful in the future. They cut non-priority areas first and then have strategically cut priority areas in a way that will keep all STREAM programs intact. But the fact that it has gotten to this point is precisely why we need your help. The anticipated shortfalls due to consistent funding reductions is the reason districts across the country have started educational foundations. Never in the history of public education has this type of help been needed more. The impact of your contribution cannot be overstated. And if there is something you are passionate about, even if it is outside of STREAM, you can tell us what to use your donation for. These “directed donations” are very common and are the reason we have new body mics for our award-winning musicals and have additional support for our award-winning Model UN team.

Where did the list of things you might fund come from?

The list of things we might fund came from ideas our teachers have had throughout the years. This list is not exhaustive. And these may not even be priorities anymore. But these are the kinds of innovative things teachers wished they had a foundation for. Since then, you will see from our funded grants list that teachers have written grant requests and received funds for many different STREAM related initiatives.


If you have any other questions about how Riverview Educational Foundation can support the district, please email us at

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