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Riverview School District students will have exciting new opportunities in STREAM (Science, Reading, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). During its first grant cycle, Riverview Educational Foundation (REF) received several grant proposals for innovative STREAM projects and equipment. REF approved five grants that will provide interesting, innovative new experiences for our district’s students.

Band Drone project: Arts, video, and technology converge for this project submitted by Riverview High School band director Ian Hughes. Students will use a drone to film the “big band from the little school” during band camp, games, parades and festivals. Directors will use the drone footage for on-the-spot student assessment and correction during band camp and rehearsals. Students will use editing software to develop creative, professional grade videos that can be used to advertise the band and district.

SMART Document Camera: Math instruction, science experiments, art projects and more come to life with this document camera that adds a 3-D component to lessons. Verner 6th grade teacher Kristy Lape and her colleagues will use this multi-faceted piece of equipment to enhance student learning by providing immediate reinforcement of skills and strategies and enabling analysis from all perspectives.

Laptops for STEM events: Riverview Junior/Senior High School has been competitive in a wide-range of STEM competitions. From placing first in the state in CyberPatriot to their impressive showings in BotsIQ, First Tech Challenge, First Lego League, and many more, our students, under the guidance of enrichment teacher Dr. McNally, are making the district proud. This updated equipment will help students more successfully design robots, write code, apply 3D drawing software, and learn the fundamentals of network security.

Engineering with 3D printing: Gone are the days of simply designing with mechanical pencils and grid paper. 3D printers allow our students to create prototypes, models and products out of materials such as plastics and metals. The use of 3D printers in Riverview Junior/Senior High School technology teacher Sean Mizener’s classes will help ensure that students are prepared for how this technology is incorporated into so many technical fields.

Etiquette, Science and Arts: Etiquette in the 21st century may sound like an oxymoron, but Verner Elementary teachers Ashley Duncan and Mike MacConnell, along with Riverview Junior/Senior High consumer science teacher Barb Stuart, know how important it is. They are teaming with high school students to teach math, reacing and science through the culinary arts, as well as teaching dance, public speaking, etiquette/manners, and respect to grade school students. The students will demonstrate these skills in a student planned and run banquet.

We look forward to hearing about the exciting things our students do as a result of our first round of funded projects.

First teacher grants awarded - Spring 2017