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Riverview Educational Foundation helps innovation happen by providing students opportunities to research, discover, create, communicate and enhance learning.

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Riverview Educational Foundation's Commitments to the Riverview School District 

"Investment in public education results in billions of dollars of social and economic benefits for society at large."

Mitra, Dana, PhD. Pennsylvania’s Best Investment: The Social and Economic Benefits of Public Education

Commitment to: Our Faculty

Engaged and Exceptional

Beginning in the earliest levels of schooling, Riverview faculty members demonstrate great dedication and expertise to both the children they teach and the content areas they love.

  • Seventy percent of faculty members have earned advanced degrees including four educators with doctoral degrees and two who are doctoral candidates. 
  • Faculty and administrators earned recent grants and awards to help enhance their curriculum, materials, and facilities.

Riverview teachers know their students well and create an environment for students to specialize in their areas of interest. For example, advanced biology students are invited to serve as biology lab assistants for younger students. A senior robotics student might be given partial credit to assist in courses for younger students. A student interested in cooking might assist in the foods course and others might take independent courses in foreign language or science. Enrichment is available for every single student at the junior and senior high school.

Your donations will help ensure that this well-regarded Riverview faculty remains highly engaged and energized by giving them the most up-to-date teaching tools available to support our students.

Riverview faculty and staff build on students’ individual strengths while helping them to develop their weaknesses. In addition to mandated educational plans for gifted and special needs students, Riverview faculty craft customized educational plans (RCEP) for students who are striving for excellence in their own individual way.

Riverview faculty members recognize that lifelong learning goes well beyond getting a 4.0 or scoring well on standardized tests. One way they demonstrate this is by lengthening their days and coming in early to teach courses that don’t fit into students’ typical schedules.

Faculty members at Riverview not only inspire students in the confines of their own classrooms, they collaborate with other educators to ensure that children can participate in multiple sports and activities in the same season. It’s common for students to play football, soccer, or run cross-country while also performing in the marching band. At Riverview, the faculty makes this happen. Each faculty member gives something up in order to create this opportunity for students to thrive in all areas of interest.

Dedication is ordinary at Riverview—let’s fund the projects, ideas, and experiments that our skilled educators seek. They frequently apply for and earn grants. However, many opportunities go unrealized because a large grant requires matching funds. Your donation will ensure that teachers have the funds available to create the classroom experience that changes kids’ lives.

Teachers are not paid for their achievement the way professionals in other fields are—there are no Christmas bonuses handed out. We can validate the work and commitment of teachers by providing them with the materials, facilities and resources that inspire them and the students. Your donation will make certain that the kind of innovation necessary for students to advance in today’s world is in the hands of faculty members at Riverview.

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