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Riverview Educational Foundation helps innovation happen by providing students opportunities to research, discover, create, communicate and enhance learning.

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Riverview Educational Foundation's Commitments to the Riverview School District 

"All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space."

Philip Johnson

Commitment to: Our Students

The students at Riverview grow up in diverse households, cultures, and economic situations. This means that each student arrives at the school door with unique strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, the commitment to our students requires creativity, innovation and access to materials and resources not always included in a typical budget. As mentioned in other sections, Riverview students achieve and succeed.

Elementary education at Riverview School District provides the tools for students to excel according to traditional measures of achievement. Students are also given the opportunity to shine outside the classroom. The examples below are just a snapshot of the ways young Riverview students flourish.

  • Verner Elementary Odyssey of the Mind team won the Regional Event and moved on to the State Championships.
  • Students at Verner Elementary outperformed expectations and were named one of only six schools in the entire state that are breaking the link between poverty and academic achievement.—PennCan
  • Students in third grade at Tenth Street Elementary are ranked #1 out of 300 schools in PSSA scores.—Pittsburgh Business Times
  • Tenth Street Elementary won 3rd place at the Duquesne University Battery Car Race.

These achievements show the promise of Verner and Tenth Street students. But there is more to the picture. Both Riverview elementary schools need labs that put up-to-date Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math opportunities in the hands of students. The rapidly changing world requires students to not only master traditional subjects, but the “basics” now include more advanced STEM subjects. Riverview students need the materials, resources and facilities to build on the current, solid base and help ensure they succeed in junior high, high school, and beyond.

Riverview Junior and Senior High school the students’ elementary knowledge, and potential. Below are just some examples of the extraordinary achievements of older Riverview students:

  • US News and World report ranks Riverview High School #8/64 locally and #30/673 in Pennsylvania for preparing kids for college.
  • Students receive Letters of Commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This places those students among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the competition.
  • Model UN—17% of 9-12 graders participated in Model UN. Over 30 awards were earned in recent years including:
    • First place (out of 72 high schools from across the country—1900 total students) at the 18th Annual Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference 
    • Best Small Delegation—Johns Hopkins
    • A nine-person team also won seven individual awards including three First Place, two Second Place, and two Third Place awards—Johns Hopkins
    • First Place—University of Pittsburgh
    • Outstanding Delegate—Princeton University
  • Gene Kelly Award Winners
  • Music students participate at the District, Regional, and State levels 
  • CyberPatriot—Silver Tier Team State Champions, Gold Tier Team placed 3rd at State Championships 
  • Forbes Road National Technical Honor Society
  • District, Regional, and State participants in music are selected and recognized
  • 7th Grade Creative Convention—Riverview placed 3rd out of 20 teams
  • Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) State Qualifiers and special award winners: Duquesne University Excellence in Mathematics Award, The Director's Award in Mathematics, and The Duquesne University Excellence in Chemistry Award 
  • A promising scientist earns merit-based opportunity from the Congress of Future Scientists and Technologists

Riverview’s diverse student body consists of students who are working hard, overcoming obstacles and succeeding as measured by a variety of scales. In fact, 48% percent of the graduating class was recently recognized with local or college merit scholarships.

Why would we list all of these successes? Again, we want donors to understand that their money is not being used to plug the holes in a sinking ship. There is strength and success in place, but the students need your help to ensure that innovative instruction with the most up-to-date materials, resources, facilities, and opportunities are available in the future.

For instance, opportunities like those presented by Congress of Future Scientists and Technologists are cost prohibitive for many students. Please help ensure that these bright and motivated students can participate in the inspiring projects that become available. Students are going to great lengths to succeed—they arrange schedules to accommodate coursework before the school day starts and take advanced courses (51% of students take AP courses) in order to fulfill their dreams. Your generous support will ensure students with the drive to excel have the means to do so

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