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Riverview Educational Foundation helps innovation happen by providing students opportunities to research, discover, create, communicate and enhance learning.

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Riverview Educational Foundation's Commitments to the Riverview School District 

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.."
Conrad Hall

Commitment to: Thinking Big, Looking Beyond

The Campaign for the Riverview Educational Foundation
Help Fund Materials, Resources, and Innovative Opportunities

Riverview School District graduates become TV producers, lawyers, master electricians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, political scientists, business owners, teachers and everything in between. Achievement, creativity and life-long learning are hallmarks of the Riverview student experience. But in order to continue to offer students the best educational opportunities and to help lessen the burden on taxpayers, we need to develop new ways to provide innovative resources for every single student in the district. We realize that not everyone can make major gifts to the campaign, but every little bit helps establish the funds that will ensure there is excellence and innovation every day in each Riverview school building.

Materials, Resources, Opportunities: $1 Million

Riverview’s faculty is highly experienced, educated, and motivated. Seventy percent hold advanced degrees. Many have been recognized and honored by national societies. Even more have been granted funds to outfit classrooms with technology, update libraries, provide science resources, and more. But, as faculty members seek funding opportunities there is often a stipulation that they provide funds to be matched by the larger grantor. Riverview Educational Foundation and YOU can help support those endeavors.

REF will be central in helping fund projects that fuel students’ curiosity and provide the hands-on materials and the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. reports that k-12 American public school teachers spend near $1.6 billion on supplies and resources. Your donation can help faculty members bring the best instruction, materials and innovation to their students.

Here are just some of the current items and projects our district anticipates writing grant proposals for. These need YOUR support.

• Continued updating of libraries to include media elements for modern learning pathways and resources
• STEM Labs for Verner and Tenth Street Elementary Schools
• Four touch screen, all-in-one computers for video editing/collaboration/coding/3-D rendering/CAD
• Hummingbird Robotic kits, Makey Makey kits, Finch Robots
• Cloudbooks (Computers for Jr. High School)
• Robotics components and other enrichment equipment/materials/resources 
• Schell Games (molecular modeling kits)
• Off-site professional development for innovative learning opportunities that directly impact students
• Visits to art museums, plays at city theatres and other cultural opportunities that our region provides
• Developing and implementing a cultural/arts literacy program 

We are committed to building on the district's success in: thinking big and looking beyond; upgrading, acquiring, building; our students; our faculty; enrichment; the arts; innovation; and service.

Please donate now.