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What We Fund

Riverview Educational Foundation funds innovative STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) educational programs through grants that help the Riverview School District to carry out innovative educational programs. An “innovative educational program” is an advanced academic or similar program that is not part of the regular academic program of one or any of the public schools in the Riverview School District, but that enhances the curriculum or academic program of the school or district.

The instruction, programs, facilities, equipment, or other activities that constitute an innovative educational program may include, but are not limited to, any of the following characteristics:

  • Integration with the instructional program of the public school(s)
  • Supplements, reconstructs, or involves a major revision to the curriculum or academic program of the public school
  • Provides a different focus, delivery, including internet-based and distance learning technologies, methodology, or skill training than is provided in a typical academic program of a public school
  • Is offered separately from the public school curriculum or academic program
  • Is offered before or after public school hours, on weekends, as a year-round program and/or as an extension of the public school year
  • Is offered as a standards-based program of instruction that operates outside of the length and time requirements of the public school, but which meets the minimum hours or days of instruction required by state law
  • Uses specialized instructional materials, instructors, or instruction not provided by a public school
  • Uses internships and other work-based learning opportunities for a student that supplements the curriculum or academic program of a student and provides a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the academic program
  • Offers instruction or programming that provides credits/advanced placement at a two-year or four-year college or university authorized by the Department of Education
  • Involves reconfiguring, renovating, building, or equipping a facility that is owned by a public school in order to create and run innovative programs
  • Develops a specialized environment that is integral and necessary to the operation of an innovative educational program

Funding for STREAM initiatives will be our highest priority since these are the District’s current educational priorities in their strategic plan.

To see what projects we have funded so far, please visit our Grants Awarded page.

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