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REF fulfills its mission by awarding grants to teachers and schools in the district to support their educational projects, technology, facilities, tools, experiences, and initiatives that are outside the scope of the District budget. To see what projects we have funded so far, please visit our Grants Awarded page.

Grants Eligibility

Applications are accepted from:

  • Individual RSD Teacher or School
  • Group of RSD Teachers from the same or different schools
  • Group of RSD Schools
  • RSD Central Administrator

The maximum grant amount for a single grant varies and was $5,000 during the last cycle. Individuals making application may only submit one grant per school year, although the lead applicant may serve on a second grant as a team member. Applicants may only request funding for projects which school or district resources are not available. Applicants may apply for renewal for up to two additional years to the original grant, but funding approval is not guaranteed.

Grant Awards

To be considered for an award, grant applications must be submitted by the deadline. The size and number of awards granted each year is determined by the amount of funds available from the Riverview Educational Foundation.

Using a specific judging criteria, each application is reviewed by a committee which represents the Foundation. After reviewing the applications, the committee recommends to the Foundation Board of Directors that all, some, or none of the available funds be awarded for a grant.

General Guidelines

Projects, equipment, initiatives, technology may address any aspect of professional practice or subject area that enhances the District’s STREAM initiatives and may seek to develop and implement innovative teaching practices or pilot new approaches that reflect the latest educational thinking. They also may address pressing issues in education, such as differentiated instruction, technology in the classroom, or closing the achievement gap. Projects related to teaching practice should enhance, but not duplicate, the standard RSD curriculum and programs.

Funds may be used to pay costs such as equipment, stipends, consultants, guest lecturers, travel to professional meetings/research sites, books, tuition, subscriptions, duplicating, postage, and/or supplies directly related to the project.

The REF will not approve projects that should be funded more appropriately within the RSD budget. Thus, proposals should not request funds for textbooks, routine classroom supplies, and regular curriculum development. For example, we would not fund teacher planning time or training required to launch a new academic curriculum adopted by an individual school or the system as a whole. While we do consider funding coursework, we do not pay for additional fees for graduate credit or certification.

When funded activities may be undertaken will be announced when the grant cycle is announced. 

Grant recipients must complete an outcome evaluation for their projects. This is a straightforward document, easy to complete and designed to help REF in its future planning. The outcome evaluation must be submitted at the completion of the project and accompanied by written or visual materials, if applicable.

Writing Your Proposal

The grant application form is available on the Grant Documents page (or choose Grant Resources > Grant Documents from the menu). Please email your completed form to or mail your application to Riverview Educational Foundation, PO Box 186, Oakmont, PA 15139.

  • Keep it simple and convey your passion. We appreciate concise, clear articulation of plans that convey your passion for the work you propose and your readiness and ability to undertake it. Write succinctly and for a lay audience. Keep in mind that most members of the REF Grants Committee are not educators. Communicate clearly how your project will affect both you, as a professional, and your students.
  • Include or provide links to supporting materials, such as conference brochures, a bibliography, etc. Reviewers can then understand the details of your plan from these materials and you can devote your narrative to explaining why the proposed activity is so important to you and your envisioned outcome.
  • Address every question. Please complete all sections of the application. Consider soliciting comments and suggestions from colleagues on your written proposal, particularly from those who have received a Riverview Educational Foundation Grant in the past.
  • Consider all available revenue sources. Grant applicants are encouraged to seek funding from sources in addition to REF as necessary.
  • Think “Big” Picture. Discuss your project’s anticipated outcomes. Be thoughtful about how your activities will result in a lasting impact on your teaching, your students, and your colleagues, and ways your project can be replicated in other schools. 
  • Complete the Budget Section. Use the designated categories as your guide. Keep in mind that REF grants DO NOT fund salaried positions, regular school activities and programs, retroactive compensation, capital improvements, or equipment purchases that are not specifically related to and necessary for a project’s completion. For instance, grants may not be used to purchase a new photocopy machine or a camera for your use.
  • Ask for help or more information. If you have questions about your idea, please email

Deadlines and Notifications

  • The application MUST BE COMPLETE and received by 5 PM on Friday, March 13, 2020. No extensions are possible. Emails will be sent to applicants acknowledging receipt of the proposal.
  • In late March and early April, the REF Selection Committee will meet to review and act on proposals. Award notifications will be sent to applicants by April 10, 2020.
  • Grant recipients may begin project activities no earlier than April 15, 2020.
  • Grant recipients must complete a Grant Acceptance Form by April 15, 2020.
  • Grant recipients must submit a Final Grant Report upon completion of the grant project and interim Grant Reports for longer term grants.