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Grants Awarded

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 Grant recipients! We look forward to seeing these projects come to life.

Spring 2019 Grants

RVTV on the Go

Building upon the video production elements of RVTV, this portable editing studio will allow educators and students to take RVTV on the go to film and edit throughout the district. This mobile production studio will help RVTV to be more successful in assisting teachers, administrators, and community members with requested video projects by being able to film and edit right along with everyone involved. This project will spread the fundamental learning that occurs in the RVTV video production courses to other classrooms and buildings. In addition, it will further learning in the video production courses by adding new innovative editing software and equipment.

VEX Robotics Challenge

Similar to our offerings in cyber security and BotsIQ, the Vex Challenge utilizes a fun competition as a vehicle to immerse students in important STREAM learning. Students will learn computer programming and the interaction and important relationships and challenges between hardware and software. Students will learn and apply engineering and design principles in an authentic way that requires them to complete a real task. These are real world, 21st century skills that not only prepare students for the next step in their education, but can excite them and build passion and enthusiasm in ways that may be hard to replicate in the regular classroom. 

Virtual Reality Headsets

Students will create their own AR and VR experiences, design new “worlds” to explore, and use these tools to interact with the content in a more authentic, meaningful, and engaging way. Students will take more of a lead to create and share their work, presenting problems to solve and iterating new ways to use these tools for learning and life. With the emerging technologies, especially in the area of AR and VR, the possibilities for collaboration between teachers and students are great. The collaboration promotes better relationships and engages students more in the classroom.

Model UN Support

Riverview High School’s Model UN team has won numerous awards through the years inspiring a directed donation to support them. Students compete in Model UN Conferences across the country gaining experience in public speaking, conflict resolution, critical thinking, data and policy analysis, debate, and group projects. The conferences also provide students the opportunity to engage in simulations focusing on the most up-to-date technological and ecological situations such as biological warfare, climate change, cyber-security, and nuclear defenses in all areas of the world, claimed and unclaimed.

Spring 2018 Grants

Little Bits Kits

Imagine animating a Native American diorama or inventing a device to clean up a model oil spill. Little Bits Kits allow grade school students to animate models, power vehicles, build prototypes, solve design challenges and more. The kits consist of small circuit boards with specific functions built to snap together with magnets without soldering, wiring, or programming. There are trillions of combinations and Little Bits has collaborated with such organizations as NASA to design projects.

Digital Storytelling in the World Language/ESL Classroom

Thanks to this innovative technology, kids will no longer have to repeat phrases like “ou est la bibliotheque” over and over again in French class! Learning through storytelling is more interesting, motivating and effective than memorizing. Through digital storytelling students can create an authentic and meaningful project resulting in greater proficiency in writing, speaking, and reading a foreign language.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

With virtual reality, instead of staring at a picture of a heart in a textbook, students can ride through the arteries and ventricles. Instead of looking at maps, they swim in the Great Barrier Reef. Kids across the curriculum will benefit from immersive, hands on experiences. Real world experiences that offer meaningful engagement and collaboration will help students be more engaged and better understand a problem so that they can work together to come up with solutions to that problem.

CNC Machine Kit

Students can create designs using 3D CAD software and then manufacture parts out of plastic, aluminum and wood. They will integrate software and hardware in a way that is directly applicable to many career opportunities, both in engineering related fields as well as skilled labor. In addition to in the classroom, students will use it in numerous competitions such as the BotsIQ and Combat Bots high school robotics competitions, the CyberPatriot federally sponsored cybersecurity competition, and the First Lego League middle school robotics competition.

Battery Powered Car Race

Danica Patrick may get the trophy when she wins a race, but it takes a team of engineers and designers to build her a car that gets her over the finish line. Through the Battery Powered Car Race. students will get to be those engineers and designers. They design, create and race a car that they build entirely by themselves. They are given a battery pack and motor and access to a variety of other materials. They must work in teams and follow the parameters set by race organizers.

Model UN Support

Riverview High School’s Model UN team has won numerous awards through the years inspiring a directed donation to support them. Students compete in Model UN Conferences across the country gaining experience in public speaking, critical thinking, data and policy analysis, debate, and group projects. The conferences also provide students the opportunity to engage in simulations focusing on the most up-to-date technological situations such as cyber-security, biological warfare, and military defenses in unclaimed areas such as the Arctic and outer-space.

RHS Musical Body Microphones

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Anyone who has seen one of Riverview Junior/Senior High School’s musicals can attest that Einstein was right. More than 20 percent of RHS students participate in the Spring musical, which consistently is nominated for Gene Kelly awards in various categories. These talented kids’ voices deserve to be heard and they will be with the body microphones funded through a directed donation.

Fall 2017 Grants

ABC Create

In September 2017, REF granted a special request grant by Riverview School District’s Senior High Principal, Mr. Eric Hewitt, to help with the district’s share of a 1 year membership in the ABC Create collaborative. The collaborative was in the process of creating K-12 scope sequence STREAM lessons and activities through the member districts.

Spring 2017 Grants

Band Drone Projects

Arts, video, and technology converge for this project submitted by Riverview High School band director Ian Hughes. Students will use a drone to film the “big band from the little school” during band camp, games, parades and festivals. Directors will use the drone footage for on-the-spot student assessment and correction during band camp and rehearsals. Students will use editing software to develop creative, professional grade videos that can be used to advertise the band and district.

SMART Document Camera

Math instruction, science experiments, art projects and more come to life with this document camera that adds a 3-D component to lessons. Verner 6th grade teacher Kristy Lape and her colleagues will use this multi-faceted piece of equipment to enhance student learning by providing immediate reinforcement of skills and strategies and enabling analysis from all perspectives.

Laptops for STEM Events

Riverview Junior/Senior High School has been competitive in a wide-range of STEM competitions. From placing first in the state in CyberPatriot to their impressive showings in BotsIQ, First Tech Challenge, First Lego League, and many more, our students, under the guidance of enrichment teacher Dr. McNally, are making the district proud. This updated equipment will help students more successfully design robots, write code, apply 3D drawing software, and learn the fundamentals of network security.

Engineering with 3D Printing

Gone are the days of simply designing with mechanical pencils and grid paper. 3D printers allow our students to create prototypes, models and products out of materials such as plastics and metals. The use of 3D printers in Riverview Junior/Senior High School technology teacher Sean Mizener’s classes will help ensure that students are prepared for how this technology is incorporated into so many technical fields.

Etiquette, Science, and Arts

Etiquette in the 21st century may sound like an oxymoron, but Verner Elementary teachers Ashley Duncan and Mike MacConnell, along with Riverview Junior/Senior High consumer science teacher Barb Stuart, know how important it is. They are teaming with high school students to teach math, reading, and science through the culinary arts, as well as teaching dance, public speaking, etiquette/manners, and respect to grade school students. The students will demonstrate these skills in a student planned and run banquet.