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Our District

Our Commitments to Riverview School District

“A population better educated has less unemployment, reduced dependence on public assistance programs and greater tax revenue.”

- Mitra, Dana, PhD

(Pennsylvania’s Best Investment: The Social and Economic Benefits of Public Education)

A small, but mighty community

From the banks of the Allegheny River to the hilltops of Oakmont and Verona, Riverview School District, its faculty and students achieve at a high level each day. However, as a tiny district with a limited tax-base that serves the needs of an economically diverse population, providing up-to-date resources and facilities becomes more difficult each year. A sturdy base has been built, but Riverview Educational Foundation seeks to help further enhance learning and ensure there is innovation and excellence every day.

No donor wants to think they are throwing good money after bad. When you contribute to Riverview Educational Foundation, you can trust that your money will be used to build on success and grow student opportunities at the rate at which the world is changing.

We are committed to building on the district’s success in:

  • Thinking Big, Looking Beyond
  • Upgrading, Acquiring, Building
  • Our Students
  • Our Faculty
  • Enrichment
  • The Arts
  • Innovation
  • Service